We intend to contribute to the ever evolving cyber legal jurisprudence and emerging issues pertaining to CyberSpace, Internet and the World Wide Web. We provide legal consulting services on copyrights and patents, cutting edge issues on the Internet, new and emerging technologies and Payment processing over the Internet.

Online Transactions - Legal and Security Compliance

Cybersecurity firms have revealed recently that it discovered stolen credentials from some 360 million accounts available for sale on the underground Internet.

Violations of Patents Copy Rights and Trademarks in Cyber Space

Intellectual property crime encompasses many areas, including copyright and trademark infringement, counterfeit goods, and television signal/cable theft.

Digital Evidence Gathering and Expert Testimony in Court

The need for Expertise in digital evidence collection are being driven by the rapidly changing computing environment.

Configuration of Information Security Systems

Good firewall will ensure the security of ports that can be used to access your system.

Drafting of Technolegal Documents, Audit Compliance and Service Level Agreements

How do you define/create a model for your company’s first Service Level Agreement (SLA) and pricing model.

Recovering from Credit Card Frauds and bad Credit Ratings

Section 46 of Information Technology Act, 2000 for claiming breach of reasonable security procedures by the bank.

Digital Foot Prints and Tracking offenders

Evidence handling is clearly one of the most important aspects in the expanding field of computer forensics.

Emergency Response Team against Security Breaches

Organization should determine the best strategy for putting an Emergency Response Team engagement structure in place.