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How do you define/create a model for your company’s first Service Level Agreement (SLA) and pricing model?

This is a question that a lot of companies come across a year or two after being founded. Unless an employee of the company has worked with SLAs prior to working at their current company, it can be a hard question to answer. How many hours of support do you offer in a year, what is covered in the agreement for you to provide support for, what variables must you take into concern when creating a pricing model and many, many more variables need to be taken into account when putting together your SLA.

Before diving into outlining your company’s SLA and its components, make sure you do industry specific research to help guide your decisions. It gives a high-level outline for SLAs that will help you draft the initial version as well.

After you have done your research and figured out how to start getting things on paper, start to look for examples of SLAs from similar companies in your industry. It may be fairly difficult to find examples so going outside your industry to find examples is advised. Using the guide from the  article cited above will give you an idea of all the components needed in a formal SLA.

The final step to formalizing a SLA needs to be done by our experienced TechnoLegal Experts. Providing the lawyer with a document you have put together will not only save the company money, but will also make the process go quicker. Assuming your lawyer has experience in your industry, they will inevitabley have a few items to add into the verbiage of the SLA you may have missed. Usually, they are very important items so be sure to have a lawyer look over the document before finalizing it.

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