Project Management & Govt Approvals

We help our clients from due diligence of the project phase to the complete life cycle management of the projects.  Our assistance in getting govt clearances would also free up entrepreneurs from the guesswork associated with seeking clearances in India’s cumbersome and uncertain bureaucratic landscape, a system that spawns brokers and agents who charge for helping out aspiring businessmen.

Entrepreneurs would be able to track their applications digitally and would be informed any time there is an inter-departmental consultation on their file

The added advantage now is that As of now, 81 state-level clearances, including those relating to acquiring land, setting up a factory and associated nods such as registering a boiler and operating a diesel genset are being digitised.

Another 133 clearances granted by different central ministries and departments, including tricky security nods from the home and defence ministries, will also be put online. More than 50 of these central clearances pertain to the railway ministry alone.

Clearance for Mining and Quarrying leases from MOEF are  undertaken.  Both State level and Central Ministry level paper work and submission and associated scientific test reports are meticulously worked for submissions so as to ensure that the forms are not getting rejected on technical and some flimsy grounds.


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