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Cylex intend to contribute to the ever evolving cyber legal jurisprudence and emerging issues pertaining to CyberSpace, Internet and the World Wide Web. We provide legal consulting services on copyrights and patents, cutting edge issues on the Internet, new and emerging technologies and Payment processing over the Internet. We have several experts and experienced consultants working to get our clients needs fulfilled.

Robin Maruthanakuzhy Robin has been in the legal profession for couple of decades. Robin successfully completed his graduation from Symbiosis – Pune, and persuaded further post graduation studies at University of Northampton UK. Robin has acquired acumen and expertise in various fields of Patents and IPR . Robin is also a Cyber Law Consultant and having experience in the Cyber Legal field for over a decade.
Binu Pichappillil Binu has experience  over several years in Cyber Security and Data Centers. Binu has done consulting work for several MNCs in Europe, US and Middle east. Binus expertise is spread across various fields in the IT domain and has gained considerable experience over the years on Internet Security and Legal Compliance requirements.

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