Recovering Credit Ratings

Genuine reasons of default can be regularised – We Engage CIBIL to verify Data

Many banking consumers affected by a bad cibil score, defaults and cibil think submitting your details here online publically in a website will help. It isnt so and doesnt help you remove your name from cibil.infact publically disclosing personal data of individiual makes him/her more vulnerable to cyber related frauds /crimes and ulterior motives. The reader of absorber of your data on the other end as the viewer/operater of their laptops/desktops/tablets can be any one. He/she may be a cyber expert , a honest law firm or also may be some fraudsters.Thus its a caution – dont display personal data like name, date of birth, pancard number here. Approach genuine law firms who only deal with banking related issues. again please note: to sort out cibil , achieve a settlement for personal loans , creditcards availed or homeloans, motgages can be only dealt and sorted out by a certified and valid banking legal firm. None of civil or criminal lawyers cannot resolve a banking related dispute. Donot waste your time , money on civil,criminal lawyers.

When a borrower of a loan, credit card or any loan defaults in repayment at any bank – it is the duty of the banker to meet the borrower who happens to be their consumer and from whos interest income generated banks run their infrastructure – meet the borrower,understand his difficulties if any in repayment of loans , provide financial literacy thru form of financial productivity workshops and ensure that no individual banking consumer of india turns a defaulter. This is the principle system a banker should and is bound by ethics of banking to follow- for a bank or a banker is trader in monies like any other trader in any other product.

CIBIL is a credit worthiness reporting company and CIBIL India is a subsidiary of CIBIL Transunion USA. Wheras CIBIL Transunion USA is very accurate in reporting credit data of individuals online – in India its subsidiary CIBIL INDIA has earner dubious record of trapping innocents as defaulters, mainly due the erroneous data provided by the banks. In USA all firms like CIBIL USA are very particular to verify data from all concerned parties , record their say and then online post data online once found correct and in order. This is due to strict cyber social media laws in USA and many 1st world countries.A false post in USA – the website is sued to millions and billions of dollars and the federal government is very supportive and honest to execute the claim without any delays.

We engage with genuine borrowers with genuine reasons of default and such defaults can be regularised and thus their names neednt directly go under the CIBIL Scanner deeming and dooming such circumstantial defaulters – branding them wrongly as defaulters.

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