FireWall and IS Systems

Filter out Network Threats

What is a firewall? Firewall is essentially a filter. It is either a software program or hardware device used in computer systems to prohibit forbidden information for passing though, while allowing approved information. The communication which the firewall prevents from passing though could be hackers trying to gain access to your personal information stored on your computer.How do firewalls work? The firewall inspects all the information which is passed over the system and determines if it is a threat or not based upon a variety of factors. It then stops all potential threats from passing through. The criteria which a firewall uses to determine whether or not information in a threat or not is carefully determined.

Do I need a firewall on my personal computer? Firewalls are important for anyone with online security concerns. Firewalls can be used for businesses, known as a corporate firewall or by individuals, known as a personal firewall. It has long been known the firewalls are a necessity for businesses to protect their networks; however, the demand for personal firewalls has increased dramatically.

Hardware & Software Firewall There are two types of firewalls the Hardware Firewall and the Software Firewall. A Software Firewall is a software program and a Hardware Firewall is a piece of hardware. Both have the same objective of filtering communications over a system. Systems can use a Hardware Firewall, a Software Firewall, or a combination of both.

Good firewall will ensure the security of ports that can be used to access your system. Your system should not just be protected from incoming communications; your firewall should also make sure personal information is not leaving your system unauthorized. Your firewall should be monitoring your system for any suspicious behavior. A firewall should not be slowing you down. It should not send you any unnecessary notices.

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